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Primer on Energy Systems in Canada

About the Energy Primer

To identify the opportunities for improving the way that we produce, distribute and use energy, we need to understand how all of the elements of Canada’s energy systems tie together.

Currently there is an absence of a common reference – a balanced baseline of information – developed for the Canadian public. This absence of a common vocabulary that everyone uses to discuss energy systems prevents decision-makers in government and industry, as well as engaged citizens, from working together to build effective energy strategies and policies that will help us meet our social, economic and environmental goals.

Pollution Probe’s energy systems primer gives readers the ABCs of energy in Canada. Step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter, the primer guides the reader through energy systems in place to deliver an amenity, such as lighting in a home.

Equipped with a whole-systems perspective, we can better consider the implications of change. That is what this primer all about.